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The minute we hear Goa, more than anything else, we relate it to the sun, sea and sand. But, has anyone of you symbolised Goa with being the hub of the river, adventure and food! If not, how about now. Welcome to a cozy yet luxurious, suave yet homely living space in the heart of Nuvem – Water’s Edge Goa resort – redefining luxury with homely comforts in South of Goa.

A vibrant, exquisite boutique resort, located right beside the flowing river, Sal. And, that is not it. This exquisite resort is nestled right in the lap of South Goa where life is relaxed, soothing and more than anything, simply blissful. 

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It has been noted lately that Goa being splashed by so much of tourist traffic, a lot of you are deviating your plans away from Goa. We would rather suggest, “How about exploring the calmer side of Goa – a new facet of Goa?” Where life is not flamboyant and not so flashy, instead, it is quiet, comforting and gentle to your travelling soul. And, for an added zing, mere steps down the resort and you have your own kayaking space in the river Sal with the most natural habitat for a chilled-out Kayak excursion.

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 Hey wait! We are not done yet. For the food lovers, there is a big surprise for you. Water’s Edge Goa brings you a brand new outlet of Kareem’s right in the property itself. 

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Isn’t it a complete package now! And, that too in an absolutely new version of Goa.

*The bookings are on the basis of number of beds booked.

Hotel Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Swimming Pool
  • Waterfront property



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